Laguna Niguel, CA



At Breakers Volleyball Club we focus on individual development of our members to achieve their personal goals.

Starting in the U10s team, girls develop the fundamentals of volleyball, learning key techniques, working as a team and how to communicate effectively. They are provided personalized coaching from experienced staff with assistance from girls from the U12s team, who pass on their experience, knowledge and enthusiasm for the sport.

Girls progress on to the U12s team where they continue to enhance their skills and play in more competitive tournaments that allow them to test and improve the skills they've learned.

Breakers Volleyball Club competes in the prestigious Southern California Volleyball Association league, which provides excellent opportunities for further advancement as the girls get older, including scholarships and national competitions.


The U13s girls' team learn the true spirit of teamwork and communication as they test and continue to improve their abilities in prestigious tournaments across Southern California

The U10s and U8s teams are introduced to the fundamentals of volleyball as well as essential skills, such as teamwork, communication and responsibility. They receive personalized coaching from a dedicated coaching team, as well as from girls in the U13s team, eager to help and pass on their knowledge and enthusiasm through a mentoring program




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